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• Culture-changing training is the cornerstone on which LPD builds a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

• Our clients receive customized programs tailored to their unique needs.

• Launching an LPD program is a sure-fire strategy for achieving lasting impact and accelerating personal and professional growth.

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Practical Experience

LPD trainers have done the job and “carried the bag". Our clients receive relevant sales and executive development from experts with street smarts.

Pragmatic Approach

Delivering education and developing skills for real-world success is LPD's focus. We ask the question, "Will this skill-set work tomorrow in business?"

Story Telling

Engaging effectively with customers and co-workers is essential. LPD clients learn to connect with others in real-life situations through the art of story telling.


When learning is fun, the brain becomes fully engaged and education sticks. LPD pros deliver steak and sizzle with an unparalleled experience known as "EduTrainment".

More than 90% of LPD's clients are repeat customers. Seasoned business executives and smart salespeople keep coming back to LPD to build their skills and prepare themselves for immediate and long-term success. Our clients tell us that our practical experience, pragmatic approach, effective story telling and unique "EduTrainment" sets us apart from other training firms. To learn more, contact us.

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