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LPD delivers top-notch, customized development programs which empower participants to achieve lasting impact because each workshop is focused on the specific needs of your team or company.

Motivation Workshop

Why are people motivated to come to work every day? This program educates participants about the history of motivation and brings the topic into the modern-day, fast-paced world in which we all need to excel.

Special attention is paid to individual incentives, satisfiers, motivators, pride in the workplace and studies conducted on what motivates employees and how that differs from what motivates leaders.

Through this program, leaders will learn engagement is a key ingredient for growing a company and its resources.

Self Improvement

Self-Improvement Workshop

What drives people to do their best? To achieve peak performance? To deliver effort which exceeds expectations and then actively seek the next challenge?

This customized LPD program answers those important questions and helps leaders in developing individual plans for people's growth and setting up a mentoring and /or coaching system to develop talent within an organization.


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