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LPD Inc., offers highly effective, customized leadership programs which deliver results because each workshop is focused on the specific needs of your team or company.

Executive Leadership Workshops

The LPD executive leadership workshop curriculum equips and challenges participants to reach new heights. The program consists of four courses which can be offered individually or sequentially, depending on the needs of your organization.

  • Communicating within the Organization – Workshop emphasis is on the organization being more politically agile, continually breaking down silos and building cross-functional relationships. A cross-cultural simulation brings alive the need to drive cultural change and unite the people along the way. Learning is also supplemented with a powerful merger and acquisition case, followed by an individual look at the leader’s preference when dealing with organizational change, entitled Change Style inventory. This 3-dimensional look at communicating during times of intense change takes a powerful peek inside each leader and across functional barriers. Optional post-workshop executive coaching is available.

  • People and Resource Development – The development of direct reports and others within the coaching and individual development planning process is the emphasis of this workshop. Participants grow in their understanding of the top 20 leader competencies for individuals (self-study). A powerful card sort simulation exercise looks at an individual’s possible successes, failures and derailment factors that drive their career and people development. Learning is further facilitated by incorporating a resource utilization case study and a leadership development assessment into the workshop curriculum.

  • Retaining Talent and Building Bench Strength – The retention and growth of key talent that can drive the future at any company is the emphasis of this workshop. Practical and useful retention techniques are taught, including relationship building, employee engagement, rewards and succession planning. Focus is placed on the recruiting and interviewing process with key skill building exercises – including asking the right questions, sizing up talent and hiring for “what you can’t teach”. An optional talent growth assessment and Human Resources / succession planning case study are available.

  • Strategic Thinking, Decision Making and Judgment – The ability to make strategic decisions during massive change and growth following a key business strategy change or major acquisition is the emphasis of this workshop. Importance is placed on executing strategy through process improvement and performance management to meet growth and people objectives. Study of decision-making processes and key decision factors is highlighted through a lively simulation that focuses on collaboration through teamwork.

Leadership Growth Workshops

The LPD iLead workshop curriculum accelerates growth by developing high-impact leadership skills. The program consists of four courses which can be offered individually or sequentially, depending on the needs of your organization.

  • Leading and Communicating Wisely – Learn the essential communication skills all leaders need to acquire to effectively present themselves to others. This workshop includes a communication style assessment which reveals how assertive and expressive we are as leaders within our natural communication know-how. Workshop emphasis is on strong leader questioning and listening skills and how to approach others whose communication styles differ from your own. Relevant teaching and in-class role playing prepares participants for real-world challenges back on the job.

  • Leading and Forging Relationships – Gain insights into why you should have strong internal relationships (within your functional area) and external relationships (with other silos / functional areas). Strong emphasis is given to forging these relationships by communicating non-defensively, coaching and developing others with good feedback skills. By building these relationships you will gain organizational agility, appropriate interfaces with peers and grow your political savvy within the organization.


  • Leading and Motivating Others – This workshop teaches the key motivational theories and practical approaches to develop others by understanding yourself and others better. The DISC assessment tool is leveraged and helpful in approaching others around their personal preferences and then dealing appropriately with conflict and also confronting tough motivational situations that could become a cancer within the culture.

  • Leading and Decision Making – Making quality decisions in a timely manner is an essential management skill. By improving these skills at the middle management level, organizations may achieve greater productivity and improve customer satisfaction by encouraging disciplined decision making farther down within their businesses. This program includes a decision-styles assessment, case studies, and a simulation. The course serves as an excellent capstone for the iLead workshop series.

Engagement Workshop

Meaningful engagement between leaders and employees not only attracts, inspires and retains talented individuals with a company; engagement motivates employees to put their talent to optimal use and perform their best work every day.

Through this program, leaders will learn engagement is a key ingredient for growing a company and its resources.

Participants will be equipped to develop an engaging sense of community within their organization, making it an attractive place to work, motivating high-potential workers to maximize their discretionary effort and differentiating their business from competitors.

Success-Driven Culture Workshop

Success-driven cultures evolve and survive based on the quality of their people, leadership and ability to define their values and belief systems.

This program is a mix of consulting around those beliefs, defining the desired culture within your organization and then packaging it to be delivered and established across a company.

Heavy emphasis is placed on trust and how to extend confidence, commitment and integrity within a culture to its individuals, relationships, teams and silos.

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