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Business Reality

Many people who enter the modern business world today are ill-equipped to understand how a company makes money, how cash flows through a business and why executives are always telling them “to watch their expenses”. This program introduces employees at any level and in any functional area to the basics of the new “Business Reality” and teaches how to make wise financial decisions in their job. The workshop provides a fun learning experience that is hands-on and can be customized to the best performance indicators that are most critical to your company’s success.

DownloadWorkshop Overview

Teaches the Language of Finance, Creating Bi-lingual Employees

This simple and straightforward simulation teaches you the language of business - “Finance” and helps you approach others in your company with confidence when making business decisions.

Business Reality

The workshop teaches the impact you and your team have on cash flow, expenses, headcounts, supply chain, inventory control and obsolescence, It simplifies key business terminology so employees are equipped with greater financial intelligence, thus making better business decisions moving forward. The program introduces all participants to the key financial statements every company must track to be profitable in business today: Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, and Key Performance Indicators.

What You Will Learn

Financial terminology can scare away even the most confident and competent performers in your company. The learning must be simple, hands-on and connected to real life. This financial simulation does a masterful job of those key components and can be delivered in a 6 hour standard format or a 2-3 day customized format. The core learning happens quickly and in a team setting.

  • Participants learn how cash flows through a company, how revenues and expenses are accounted for, and how profits are captured by playing the simulation and making key calculations on the financial statements.

  • Teams compete by addressing daily business issues, investing in overhead expenses and capital expenditures, and building around common business strategies in today’s world.

  • Participants learn about their functional role and how they impact financial results with some of the key decisions that they make daily. They also “walk awhile in other people’s financial shoes” to see the impact they have on similar decisions. This interaction opens up dialogue between cross-functional teams around real financial decisions within your company.

  • Key executives can customize the conversations, language and debrief to the key performance indicators that their company is tracking, reporting to the stakeholders and using to fund their incentive programs.

  • Once business connections are made then concepts are connected to everyday life expenses, cash flow and discretionary income that serves us in our personal finances.

  • Most importantly, participants learn by doing in a hands-on environment where all “financial answers” are on the board! Learning and language are easier when people connect the dots and start communicating in the language of business - Finance!

Certified Trainers

The LPD staff is certified by Business Methodologies International Ltd., the creators of the Business Reality 101 curriculum, to bring this important training to you and your team. To learn more, contact LPD.

Business Reality 101 is a registered trademark of Business Methodologies International Ltd.

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