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Selling to the C-Suite

Selling to high-level executives (often referred to as “the C-Suite”) can be intimidating – even for veteran salespeople. Most salespeople don’t know how to get the appointment, research the customer, or have the right conversation in the face to face meeting. This program builds confidence and strategies for converting your toughest sales challenges at the highest levels.

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Build High-Level Relationships and Strategic Partnerships

Calling on executives to sell products and services requires guts, strategy and a plan. It doesn’t just happen, has to be earned... and fortunately, the skills and competencies can be taught! The focus of this workshop is on understanding the business opportunity, gaining access to the relevant executive, getting past the gate-keepers, and leveraging your value proposition with key prospects / customers.

When done right, sellers exhibit the highest levels of integrity and capability, becoming trusted advisors with the ability to have “return access” to key executives.

Selling the C-Suite
by Stephen J. Bistritz, ED.D, of Learning International.

What You Will Learn

What are the key factors that keep a top level executive interested in your company’s products / services? Once we understand the factors, then we can learn how to capture these major sales opportunities by doing the right things before, during and after the sales campaign to ensure success. Strategies taught, include how to...

  • Target the relevant executive – the person who has the most to win or lose based on the customer’s initiative succeeding or failing.

  • Gain access to the relevant executive by understanding potential roadblocks and risks of working through your customer contacts, and knowing which approach would be most effective.

  • Maximize your initial contact with the executive to show them you understand their business drivers, you are accountable for the project’s success and you have the ability to marshal the resources to solve any problems or address key issues.

  • Develop a process that will establish your long term credibility in the eyes of the executive and work you towards a “trusted advisor” status within their company.

  • Ask smart questions in executive meetings that convey your need to understand their biggest business objectives and deepest challenges.

  • Create your value in the business relationship while accurately and concisely conveying your business acumen and value proposition to the relevant executive.

Compontents Credibility

Certified Trainers

The LPD staff is certified by Learning Solutions International, the creators of the SellXL: Selling to the C-suite curriculum, to bring this important training to you and your team. To learn more, contact LPD.

SellXL: Selling to the C-suite is a registered trademark of Learning Solutions International.

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