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Speed of Trust

Trust-related problems like redundancy, bureaucracy, fraud, and turnover put the skids on productivity, divert resources, squander opportunities, and chip away at a company's brand. On the other hand, leaders who make building trust in the workplace an explicit goal of their jobs, elevate trust to a strategic advantage - accelerating growth, enhancing innovation, improving collaboration and execution, and increasing shareholder value.

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Speed of Trust

Leading at the Speed of Trust™

Leading at the Speed of Trust is a workshop that raises trust from an often-ignored asset or liability to a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

Doing business at The Speed of Trust dramatically lowers costs, speeds up results, and increases profits and influence.

What You Will Learn

As leaders forge the path to a new culture of trust, organizations will reap immediate returns as well as enduring long-term returns in the form of:

  • Increased speed to market.

  • Increased shareholder value.

  • Accelerated growth.

  • Enhanced innovation.

  • Improved collaboration.

  • Better execution.

  • Heightened loyalty.

This highly interactive workshop engages leaders at all levels.

Participant focus on identifying and closing the real-world trust gaps that exist in your organization.

Instead of paying outrageous trust taxes, you can begin to realize trust dividends by implementing the concepts you and your team learn in the Leading at the Speed of Trust workshop.

Certified Trainers

The LPD staff is certified by Franklin Covey, the creators of the Leading at the Speed of Trust curriculum, to bring this relevant training direct to you. To learn more contact LPD.

Leading at the Speed of Trust is a trademark of Franklin Covey.

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