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Relevant Training for Real-World Success

Prior to launching LPD, the company leadership was struck by how most corporate trainers provided either short-lived inspiration or “ivory tower” materials. In short, most options failed to achieve lasting impact.

Resolved to make a lasting impact – in both personal and professional lives, LPD was launched in 1999, by people who had done the job and "carried the bag" in sales, leadership, and training roles and who possessed decades of relevant corporate experience.

From day one our focus has been to help people and companies change their business for the better. Our pragmatic mindset ensures we equip our clients with the skills, knowledge and resources necessary for success.

The LPD Inc. name was inspired by the three areas of passion we believe drive organizations today:

LPD exists to motivate, inspire and teach professionals to become leaders in their selected areas of passion; to take risks that are worthy of their goals and learning curves; and to promote a problem-solving and productive life-work balance.


Helping leaders achieve success by positively influencing people, processes and decisions by focusing on these core competencies:

  • Setting a clear vision.
  • Knocking down barriers.
  • Establishing direction.
  • Rallying and developing people


Teaching individuals the right skills and competencies for becoming passionate about selling and marketing their products and services.

LPD provides the know-how needed to empower higher levels of sales and team achievements.


Inspiring people to develop their potential as individuals or as part of a team.

LPD works with our client's senior leadership team to create, foster and manage a sustainable environment for employees to grow personally and professionally

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