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Sell the Brand First

Fostering the success of your salespeople is vital to the immediate and long-term success of your business. Yet, even your most experienced salespeople are often ill-equipped to leverage the valuable brand equity which exists in your enterprise.

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We Wrote the Book

We Wrote the Book on How to Sell the Brand First.

LPD's founder, Dan Stiff, authored Sell the Brand First: How to Sell Your Brand and Create Lasting Customer Loyalty. This valuable resource demonstrates the largely untapped potential of brand and leverages it as an asset to make a long-lasting, positive impact on sales performance.

Using the insights and guidelines in the book as a springboard, LPD offers an expert training experience; transforming salespeople into brand ambassadors who leverage customer experiences to develop and share success stories and champion the brand in every sales conversation.

When taught to sell the brand first, salespeople speed up the entire sales process by talking about the great differentiator first – your Brand. This helps generate sales momentum with the customer which leads to a more efficient closing.

Sell the Brand First

What You Will Learn

1. The Importance of Marketing and Sales: An internal company perspective on how to integrate marketing, sales and your brand.

2. Buyer Stair-step: The basics of how buyers have bought in the past and how this new approach will help us to sell them differently in the future.

3. The Brand Story: The power of telling stories around your brand thus providing evidence and testimonials to increase customer loyalty.

4. The Brand Pillars: The foundational strengths of your company that are impenetrable advantages which differentiate your brand from the competition.

5.The Brand Staircase: A new way to include the brand in your sales process by focusing on how people experience, connect or affiliate with your products and services; then reversing the staircase and selling the brand first.

6. Mindset, Migration and Motives: Understand the buyer's mindset - how they usually buy, their motive - why they buy and then help them migrate or move towards the brand.

7. Brand Questioning: Asking questions around the real reasons people buy (motives) and tying those same questions into the best that your brand has to offer - the brand pillars.

8. Putting it All Together: Final exercise using all of the tools discussed in the workshop. Centers around the participant's customer and their unique selling situation.

The LPD staff is uniquely equipped to help your sales team leverage the valuable brand equity your business possesses. Learn more by downloading our brochure, visiting the Sell the Brand First website or contacting LPD.

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