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Reaching high levels of individual, team, department and company achievement is the focus of LPD’s customized performance programs.

Sales Workshops

  • Entry level Selling to Your Potential – With our proven 6-step process, you and your team will learn the core steps involved in conducting a successful sales call in any industry.

  • Intermediate level Communicating and Selling Value – By learning the key values you bring as a salesperson in representing your product offering and company, you will be equipped to leverage those values across your sales presentations with key customers.

  • Advanced level Negotiating to Win/Win – Organizations today need skilled people at the negotiating table. After participating in this program, your negotiators will understand how to dig into and understand the interests and positions of the other party and will be equipped to structure win/win negotiations delivering long-lasting benefits.


  • Premier level Selling at a Higher Level – Equipping high caliber sales professionals to win major sales opportunities by calling on Senior or “C-level” executives is the focus of this program. Salespeople will learn the important steps involved in understanding the business opportunity, gaining access to the relevant executive, getting past the gate-keepers, and leveraging your value proposition in a credible, convincing manner.

Customer Service Workshops

LPD offers customized, interactive, real-world training for customer service and inside sales professionals. Our tiered program offering is designed to enhance professional growth and develop problem solving skills and emotional intelligence in stressful situations.

  • Entry level – Showtime – When you pick the phone up in a customer service role – you are “on”. It’s Showtime! How you handle the 4 P’s, (Pick-up, Problem, Probe and Promotion), of great customer service will largely determine how loyal that customer is to your company over time.

  • Intermediate Level – StageTime – When it comes to probing customer needs and promoting your products and services, it should never be a “cold call”. Great customer service is based on solving problems quickly, probing for more opportunities and proactively promoting the very best of your products and services in a professional manner when the customer is the most satisfied. This program will teach your team how to maximize their “stage time” by performing superior customer service.


  • Advanced Level – Reality “Showtime” – What is a “day in the life” of a well-trained customer service professional like? Well, that depends on how LPD customizes this training program for your team, based on your unique company needs and culture. Typical topics include:

    • Managing under stress

    • Prioritizing your time

    • Dealing with difficult people

    • Sources of power in business relationships

    • An “in-box” reality check for a typical day.

Customer Engagement Workshop

This customized LPD training program will help you discover what your customers truly want out of a vendor/supplier relationship.

You will learn how to leverage that understanding to build strong bonds and increasingly become a trusted, indispensible resource to a variety of key customers.

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